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Dear Readers,

Hello! I am Peggy, keeper of this blog and creator of The Simple Woman's Daybook & The Simple Woman's Gazette. (You can see more about these offerings by clicking the link for each on the sidebar)

I am a conservative Christian woman, married for 42 years, have six children (4 sons, 2 daughters) and seven grandchildren. I am a veteran homeschooler of over 24 years and continue homeschooling our youngest son who has DS.

I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, where corn grows, apple trees cover the hillsides and state protected forests stand not far away. I am down to earth, live a simple life and am a keeper of simplicity.

One of my most precious gifts are the early morning hours before first light when I am in deep prayer, deep study and praise of the Lord Jesus. The fellowship I have with Him during this time of day is a treasured blessing and I guard it closely.

It is a goal of mine moving forward here at TSW, to share how profoundly this act of obedience has changed my life,  continues to grow my relationship with the Lord, ripples out into other areas...and in turn help you to find your when and your how and make it work for you.

May God richly bless and keep you,

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