Daybook Guidelines

Welcome! I am so glad you are considering taking part in writing your own daybook post and joining the community. I have created these guidelines, not to stress you, but rather to keep the daybook in tact. Since the daybook began in early 2008, there have been many copycats pop I created this page with it's guidelines to help keep the daybook in it's original form. 

Thank you for understanding!

Here's how to take part:

1. Create your TSW Daybook using the prompts, as well as the original created graphic below.
(You may use the small or larger graphic by saving it to your computer and then adding it to your post.)


 2. Please include a link back to my blog using this link. 

This is a requirement and a kind gesture to me, as your hostess and to your readers.

3. Copy the "permalink" ONLY from your "The Simple Woman's Daybook" post, not the link to the any other entry on your blog.

4. Come back to "The Simple Woman" blog and add your permalink in the comment section of the post.

PLEASE NOTE: Inappropriate links, links directly to things you sell (you are welcome to add those links IN your Daybook post), and Daybooks that do not follow the guidelines within this post will be removed at my discretion. 

This means re-wording, adding to the prompts, mixing someone else's link-up prompts to TSW Daybook and multiple linking in combination with TSW Daybook will be removed. I would truly like to keep the TSW Daybook, individually unique and in tact.

Please and thank you for respecting my wishes ever so kindly.

If you have any questions about writing your TSW Daybook, linking up or about any of the guidelines, please contact me at

The Simple Woman's Daybook Edition is posted once a month, but you are free to link-up as many times as you wish during the month. Also, below you will see prompts that are marked optional, these you are free to delete since they do not pertain to everyone.

Just highlight, cut and paste into your blog post and add your thoughts as you wish.

Enjoy the TSW Daybook as it brings you directly into your present moments.

For Today

(put the simple woman daybook graphic here)

Looking out my window

I am thinking

I am thankful

One of my favorite things

I am creating
{whether you are a knitter, mixed-media artist, enjoy scrap-booking, etc., share}

I am wearing

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
{share favorite titles, give a book review or pass along a current movie, podcast, music video, or television series you are enjoying}

I am learning

In my kitchen
{share your kitchen adventures, weekly menu, as well as recipes}

In the school room
{share your child's school moments...whatever that may look like for your family}

In my garden
{document what is happening in your flower/vegetable garden}

Shared Quote
{share a favorite quote}

A moment from my day
{share a picture with us of your daily-ness}

Closing Thoughts

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