Friday, March 6

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes And Laundry {Part Two}

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes and Laundry
A Study Series written by Peggy Hostetler

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Upsplash

(Part 1 of this study series is found HERE)

My Personal Oil Lamp

I believe the lamp is likened to my relationship with our Lord and the oil and globe are the state in which that relationship is in.

Personally, when my lamp is running on empty or my globe is black with soot, then things are very off at my home front. I have neglected the most important person in my life, my Jesus. I have allowed other things to press in on me like the storm. I have fallen unprepared and thus am caught off guard. It has been either neglect, busyness or the taking for granted of the Savior. All of which can cause the breech and all of which, sadly are of my own doing or perhaps my own undoing.

This holds true for our lives in general and affects many other areas, but for this series homemaking is the center focus.

It is times like these that I have most often misplaced my homemaking vision and what happens is discontentment sets in, hurried-ness becomes the norm, confusion circles around me and if left go unchecked, resentment will hush in like a fog and quietly cover like a shroud.

So look to the lamp as your centerpiece for this study series moving forwards,  as a symbol, a thermostat if you will.


Food for Thought

Over the next few days be praying over and thinking about your personal oil lamp.

Take spiritual inventory of your oil and globe and see how the wick is doing. Maybe go back and re-read part one of this study again.

Journal your heart and next week I will share more about having a "homemaking vision" along with my own in part three, A Vision Takes Shape.


  1. Have been looking forward to part two, will ponder and pray. Thank you for taking the time to share x

    1. And thank you Sandra for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. Thank you Peggy for starting this series. You are giving us much to think about.

    1. So glad you are enjoying this study series. It is simple and plain in it's wording...I am trying to just give bite size pieces which are easier to digest. :-)


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