Thursday, May 14

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes And Laundry {Part Six}

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes and Laundry
A Study Series written by Peggy Hostetler

(Part 1 of this study series is found HERE)

I am finally back with part six of this study series. Sorry for the time in between posts, but it has been a busy month. I had thought of putting off anymore posts because of where we find ourselves in life right now, but maybe we need these words at this time. Having written this study series in 2008 and now sharing here I think it is timely.

Let us continue...

Sowing and harvest, worlds apart aren't they? There is a lot that goes on from the time we plant and until the time we enjoy the fruits of our labor. I know at my home that some fruit take a long time, whereas other crops do not take near as long. 

So it is with our home and family fruit. It may take years for the best of the yield to land into our hands. It is not easy, it takes a lot of time invested or as I say at times, blood, sweat and tears. You harrow that long row, taking care to remove the big stones, place your fertilizer to sweeten the ground, cover those tender and tiniest of seeds, water, tend, week after week, loosen the soil, hoe the row and pray for a glorious outcome. But, as it is in gardening, so it is with sowing and reaping at home.

What you put in most often times is what you get out. This is why it is so important to take care of your own personal garden so can tend to the family and home ones. Yes, they are different and I find the older I get the more important it becomes to maintain that personal plot of ground.

Let's take a pause here


Food for Thought

In your journal write down ways you can better take care of you and do so in detail. This is your time and putting it down on paper helps us to focus for a bit. Come up with a few goals, a simple plan and try to implement one or two slowly to your routine.

So, l think to myself...

What is causing me to neglect personal/devotional time? What can I do to make time or perhaps more time for my Lord? What would my "perfect" devotional time look like in this season?

Let's stop here for a moment! Do not feel guilty if you can not at that time in the mornings. I have had women come to me with such a plight and I tell them to make time all the time. 

My next post in this study series is called, "Pocket Moments". I wrote it a long time ago as a young mother, but it pertains to this topic. 

We know those deep morning times are the best, but sometimes it is just not possible. Do not feel so much guilt that you throw up your hands and completely forgo any time spent in your day to give to the Lord. We need that refreshing and renewing time...more now than ever!

We make time for other things, we go to the doctor for check-ups, the dentist for our six-month cleaning, the grocery store for our food and the like, why not make time for our spiritual check-up, cleaning and food. How much more important are these than anything else we can do for ourselves, they are but window dressing.

I pray that this is not a jumble of thoughts, but rather makes perfect sense to you. I pray you get clarity from my words.



  1. Yes, I feel that at times I neglect myself spiritually way more than I do any other way.

  2. Thank you for continuing this series. All good advice and encouragement is appreciated.
    God bless you and yours. And may your sowing bring a plenteous harvest.


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