Monday, March 16

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes And Laundry {Part Four}

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes and Laundry
A Study Series written by Peggy Hostetler

(Part 1 of this study series is found HERE)

 No Place Like Home

Good Monday! 

I am hoping, even with all that is going on in the world, that you are following along with me. By now, I pray you are beginning to see where I want to go with this little study series. Perhaps, it is not what you had expected and it surely is not the typical, "How to clean your house in 6 easy steps". I believe and can say for sure that you can clean and organize all day, and still be totally out of sorts and in a mess in your home.

So, I pray that you have your vision (see my last post, A Vision Takes Shape) thought through and written down. You will no doubt go over it from time to time, making changes and adding to it which is a good way to keep it in the forefront of your mind. 

For the next part of our study series, let's look to our "fruit". The sweetest fruit of all and how it applies to our home making. But, first let's rest on a word...home.

When one says the word "home", it most often evokes warm images. For me, it brings to mind; peaceful haven, warm nest, restful sleep, soul contentment, satisfying meals, secure dwelling, as well as other thoughts. There are times in my life when these things did not always come to mind and that is fine as you may agree with me. Life throws us curves, there are swings forward and there are swings back, but over all these are words that come to mind most often and ones I strive to achieve.


Food for Thought

Write in your journal what the word, "home" brings to your mind, just simple single words or short phrases. 

The notes from this post you write and the notes from the last may no doubt intersect and blend. Your thoughts of home and your homemaking vision will slowly move into one. With the two combined there will be strength in your resolve and purpose. You will become mindful of how you want to proceed and what it will take to do so.



  1. home.....a place where I'm forced to be right now because the school i teach at is closed to this craziness Virus. a place where I'm already organized, clean, and relaxed yet forced to be here for who knows how long? home...where hubby must work for who knows how long? home...because our oldest still cannot afford an apt here in the overly priced capital region of NYS. Home..where our youngest (21) is NOT because UNH has rules about kids going back to states with over 100 confirmed she's spending spring break in an apt near campus with friends. Home....not such a cozy warm fuzzy word right now for some of us. just sayin


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