Monday, September 16

Unashamedly Given

Lord Jesus, my prayer today is that we might all come to know you better and to follow you where you would lead. That we would not question your authority over our lives or your purpose for what you do and what you allow, but hopelessly become blind to ourselves and see only your goodness. 

Grant us wisdom to speak when we are to speak and to be quiet when we are to be quiet. Help us not blunder ahead, but stay and follow close behind you.

Give us peace in the midst of trials and hardships, to feel your presence sweetly falling upon our lives.

Help ease our minds that become so entangled in life and loosen the knots that would choke out our joy. Heal our bodies and our minds and put your protective hand upon them.

Help us accept answers to prayer when they are not the answers we seek. Help us not only to know, but to remember that you are holding all things fully and firmly in your hands. 

Simplify our lives, Lord and do what needs to be done to get back our attention. May we see you daily in the little things that we so often let pass by. 

May we be content in you, but not commonplace in where we are.

Nurture our souls, grow our reach, make manifold the influence of our lives. Remove any hindrance that would seek to quiet our resolve and set out to trip us up.

See us, Lord...see our broken hearts, see the pieces...use all the parts and fragments and make them whole again. Bind them up even stronger than before. Set our feet on firm ground and on the solid path of truth.

Oh, that we would be humble in a world that would seek to crush that humility and that simplicity. Erase our fears, quiet our worry, dim our anxiousness.

May we let our light shine and not just shine, but shine brighter than ever before... so that others may see and be guided home to you. A meek and gentle spirit that is in submission to you, Father. 

Forgive us. 

Help us to love and to love unconditionally

See my open heart.

With praise and honor to you Lord,

 our living hope.

unashamedly given,



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