Monday, July 6

The July/August Edition of The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Looking out my window... typical hot summertime weather, but oh, so pretty.

I am thinking... the best thing I have done for myself of late is to be news-free! NO world news, no local news, no online news and shushing any news givers that think I should know the news...the peace I have is wonderful! I am coming up on 3 and a half months and I don't think I will be going back any time soon to listening, watching or reading!

It also helps to clean off your instagram feed, fb following and email subscriptions using this as your guideline to delete, un-follow, un-subscribe and un-hear!!! 

I am thankful... for these moments! Who will get to feed Evie a bite first...Momma, Mim or Auntie? Momma won!

One of my favorite things... a new pair of sandals!

I am wearing... shorts and a tank top! That picture above taken in early May was the last time I had on a pair of doubt til late September. 

I am creating... JAM!


Strawberry Jalapeno jam
Blueberry Strawberry freezer jam
Strawberry pie

and then it was...


Cherry marmalade jam
Cherry freezer jam

Next, Blueberry Day and then those gorgeous Peaches!! And in between Spaghetti sauce, Salsa, Dill Pickles, Pizza Sauce...and...

 I am SOOOO glad I bought a chest freezer for not only stocking up, but for that delish freezer sweet corn!!

One of those precious captured moments during our cherry picking day! Does she love her Mim or what?

I am watching... for yard sales and what a good one we just went to...all of this treasure for a few dollars.
(The Deacon's bench was found about 20 years ago at a garage sale for 5 bucks.)

$2.00 for this beauty!

I am reading...

I am listening to... this on replay and replay!! And check out this one too!

I am hoping... to give our son, Samuel (Samuel, 17 has ds for those of you who do not know) the attention he needs now that he is out of school. He will be homeschooled by someone who knows exactly what he needs and exactly how he learns best...his Mommy. Excited to tack onto the 23 years of past homeschooling I did with our first 5. I am thinking about 5 or more years should be good {smile} and the great thing is I have no more Pennsylvania homeschool law looking over my shoulder! Freedom!

In the garden...

Phase One
Garden 2020

Phase Two
Garden 2020

Phase Three and currently...
Garden 2020

Pickled Red Beets

The lettuces and radishes went crazy this year!

I am learning... well, I have really known this my entire life...but, to never take a beautiful moment like this for granted. Look at the leaf vein in that Brussels sprout!

In the kitchen... too much to keep track of, but little meat and mostly vegetables.

Post Script

Shared Quote

"felt some broken parts of me start to heal..."
(from the song, "Church in a Chevy" I shared with you above)

A (few) moments from my day... 

A brand new mat for me!

I have made gallons of wild spearmint tea, the cheesecloth is such a big help.

Baby legs in my lap.

And here I am having hens again...some things never change.

Thank you for your visit this month! I know it was a lot of pictures, but there is a lot going on in my world...all of the good and simple pleasures that make summer easy and true.

If you are still looking for the next post in the series, Homemaking :: More Than Dishes and Laundry please know I have not forgotten and am going to continue very soon. If you are subscribed to my blog, you will get the post in your email.

Oh! and one more kitchen re-do is complete, but there is just too many pictures so it will come as a post of it's own. The kitchen re-do spilled into a living room re-do as well.
Stay tuned.

Post Script

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The September/October 2020 Edition will be posted September 8

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  1. Your blog today was so peaceful and heartwarming to peruse. It brought me back to the 50's when my family had a huge garden and we ate from it daily. I appreciated the pace you move at. A true Proverbs 31 lady. Industrious, hardworking, family first, babies and children are priority, enjoying the beauty of the simple, God given green earth. Bless you and yours.

    1. The ultimate compliment said so lovingly. Thank you so much!

  2. This post is a beautiful celebration of summer! Here's to many more lovely, easy summer days.

  3. Loved your Daybook Peggy. I am like you when it comes to the news these days. I don't want to listen to it, read it, or hear it. I enjoy so much more peace that way :)

    1. It truly is the best way to take it on...we have to take care of ourselves and this is a great way. The Lord showed me that we are to think on the fruit of the spirit.

  4. I really enjoyed your Daybook, Peggy. That afghan you found was a real treasure.

  5. Your blog post was lovely! It was so relaxing. Evie's photo is so cute and she's so blessed to be getting three treats! Is jam hard to make for a complete newbie? I've always wanted to try. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hello and welcome Cassandra! I appreciate you taking part in the daybook. No, jam is not hard...all you have to do with any canning adventure is follow the directions exactly and you will have great results.

  6. Oh, and I was going to add. I've also been removing most of the news from my life. I've unfollowed people who post news and political opinions all the time. I don't cable television. Life is so much better without all of the stressful news pouring in.

    1. It sure is...I have never felt better. You will be so glad you did.

  7. I love your garden! What a lot of planning that must have taken. I hope to have a bigger garden again someday when we move back out to the country.

    1. Hello Joy! Thank you! It takes time and I am sure you will have that garden you want some day. Just plant in pots for many options.

  8. Hi Peggy, What a lovely garden, enjoyed your post.


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