Monday, July 20

Lives of Simplicity :: An Invitation For You

Lives of Simplicity, a Christian based Yahoo group was founded in 2001, where nearly 1,000 women would come and gather together. 

The women gathered to learn, glean, and share their love of home and the keeping of it, all wrapped inside of living it simply. They gathered to love on one another, to pray for one another and to just become a good friend. We were young, middle-age, and yet some of us were where we are now...we were at different stages and in different seasons of life-all valued and all a small part of the whole.

Lives of Simplicity was a community of women in search of encouragement, inspiration and an old-fashion love of simple and down-to-earth might say we were part of the originals. 

We were more than the square picture of staged and perfect looking homes, our homes were lived in and we cherished living there. We were not frazzled in trying to keep up with the latest trend or influencer, we were plain, simple women wiping up big messes and cleaning off little noses while trying our best to get through each day. The internet was still mainly quiet and when we got the moment to sit and share, it meant something, it was not a hasty scroll, fluffy drama filled post or an ugly gif.

Our common thread was simplicity, friendship and a love for Jesus and we needed all three.

At that time I was in the very thick of married life, busily raising alongside my husband, five little folk with a sixth soon to follow while homeschooling and managing all the aspects of a household.

While I am not that 40 year old woman any longer, with my babies having long grown and now having and homeschooling their own little ones, I continue to love all things home and simplicity has never been sweeter than it is at this point in my life.

Twenty years have passed, but that love still burns brightly in my heart. So, I have been thinking maybe there is another generation of women who could use a group such as we had back in the day. I have looked for awhile and have not found it. It is a loud and rowdy place out there and women just need a calm, simple place to sit a spell, regroup and just be without bells ringing or whistles blowing.

Whatever season or stage of life you find yourself, married or not, children or not, work outside the home or stay home, homeschool or not...there is a chair here for you.

If you burn inside for home and a life of simplicity like I do, would you consider joining us at the "new" community, Lives of Simplicity. 

I am keeping membership at 50 so we can really get to know one another.

(P.S. This group will be held at facebook and granted it is NOT a prime spot whatsoever, but I could not think of another place, at least for now for us to gather where we could share pictures with one another and be "private".)


  1. I am so excited and need this more than ever

  2. I miss the old yahoo group so very much and feel sad that I've chosen not to be on Facebook - I hate to miss out ! Ali


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