Monday, March 2

The March/April Edition of The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Looking out my window... a gorgeous sunrise full of promise

I am thinking... that I really love this wooden piece for the mantle that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

I am thankful... for the upcoming ladies retreat held in April, an early birthday gift.

One of my favorite things... a new calendar page being turned over. 

I am wearing... gray leggings, gray cami, black long-sleeve and a gray, white tunic and thick socks because it is chilly this morning.

I am creating...

I am reading... Rebekah Lyons new book, Rhythms of Renewal : Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose and slowly studying through Beth Moore's newest book, Chasing Vines and Max Lucado's Jesus : The God Who Knows Your Name. 

I am listening to... my new cd by Carly Pearce. I am a country music girl at heart and love her stuff. 

I am hoping
... to get a binding on this pretty.

I am learning... that fear serves no purpose.

In the kitchen... plans are taking shape for a complete do-over. After 34 years and six children later, I am over-the-moon excited and so is my tired kitchen!!

Post Script

If you missed last week's post sharing the new study series I will be writing here on my blog, you can find the link on the sidebar. It is entitled, HomeMaking...more than dishes and laundry. I will also be listing them on the sidebar in order for easy access. I pray it is a blessing to you.

Shared Quote

"His love motivates her respect; her respect motivates his love."
~Emerson Eggerichs

A moment from my day... doing a deep spring clean in my studio room. Starting there first since this is my "brain central" room for the rest of the house. {smile}

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, HERE is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts. 

The May/June 2020 Edition will be posted May 4th

Dear friends, I love that you take part in the daybook, but I see the below guideline being forgotten from time to time. Please respect the daybook and read the below statement, in particular the "multiple linking".

The Simple Woman's Daybook is not connected to any other link up.

"This means re-wording, adding to the prompts, mixing someone else's link-up prompts to TSW Daybook and multiple linking in combination with TSW Daybook will be removed. 

I would truly like to keep the TSW Daybook, individually unique and in tact."

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  1. Happy March. Love your calendar for 2020.

    Thank you so much for the Daybook format -- it's one of my favourite styles.


    1. Thank you Brenda! Glad you post your lovely daybook link here.

  2. I filled in the form and checked to accept the use/privacy policy. Then I hit NEXT, and nothing happened.
    Glad to participate again -- after being absent for a while. Here's my post:
    My SW Daybook – March/April 2020 edition

  3. OK, now it's working. ;-)

    1. Yes, you have to refresh the page for it to show up. Thank you for adding to the community.

  4. I'm so glad you're keeping this going. So many of the blog memes I used to do have gone away. Thanks, gratefully.

    1. Thank you...I thought too that the daybook was one of the long-time ones. Glad you are taking part.

  5. It's nice to have a routine like the Daybook to turn to, especially during these times when nothing is routine. Keeps me focused on what's happening in my days and that keeps me grateful. Thanks, Peggy!

  6. It wouldn't pick up any of the photos on my computer. I had to pick one on my blog that is not one of me. (That's my friend Juanita with the puppy.)

  7. It's been ages since I participated in The Simple Woman's Daybook, but I decided to resume again.

  8. Posted my April Daybook edition this morning.
    Hope you are keeping safe, Peggy.

  9. I will be back to comment more. I worked so long on my post that I need a break before coming to comment on others. Thank you for this lovely post, Peggy, and for giving us this space to share. Blessings to you! xo

  10. I'm much late for his edition....but always glad to participate. Thank you.

  11. I think your Quote is so true.


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