Thursday, June 16

A Basket Of Mountain Mint


Oh! for the beautiful days of June! Showers and sun, everything is at it's very best, dressed in finery, all created, formed and given life by the living God. Not one detail left to chance or overlooked...let all the earth sing His praise, let all the earth know from whom they come.

I sit and write in my journal and marvel at a shadow dancing on the wall. I think back over the day to freshen my memory...I stand and lift my head to the sky after gathering my basket of mountain mint that will make cold tea to sooth the heated brow.
Later, I briefly lay across my bed and stare at the afternoon clouds drifting by above the skylight window, the window that also allows the moon to shine down and fall across my face in it's phase ~ Then tears begin to bubble up and trickle down, wetting my hair and as my husband soundly sleeps in the dark, I praise the creator of my life, the one who loves me literally to death, the one who created all of this beauty, who longs for me to stop, still myself long enough to praise him and to thank him for it.
I drift into peaceful sleep, quietly, but aloud I say, "Goodnight dear Lord! How I love you and thank you. Keep me thru the night so I can meet with you once again in the morning."


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