Tuesday, February 1

A Quiet Winter's Daybook

    For Today

Looking out my window... a grayish type of day for the last of January, but there is hope for blue sky tomorrow, the first day of February

I see calendars as a work of art and it is a joy to turn the pages on this beauty from Leana at  May We Fly

I am thinking... how appreciative I will be to feel those first warm rays of the sun this spring

I am thankful... that my immune system has been strong thus far

One of my favorite things... having my morning basket all ready for me when I rise at 5

I am wearing... three layers, wool socks, sweat pants, cami, long-sleeved shirt and heavy sweatshirt

I am creating... a list of all the spring and summer things I plan to do

I am watching... season 14 of Heartland and the very first episode made me cry. I own the first 13 seasons, that is how good it is!

I am reading... Little Stories of your Life by Laura Pashby 

I am listening to... Air 1 and I LOVE it and listen several times a day

I am hoping... to get to the library soon for my holds

In the garden... a blanket of snow sweetening it while it rests

In the kitchen... cranberry orange muffins with streusel, chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and lots of hot tea

In the homeschool room... all the basics on repeat

Shared Quote

"Your stories, my stories, all of our stories are important. In the end, our stories will outlast us - they will be what remains with those who love us, after we are gone."
from the book I am currently reading (see above)

A moment from my day... 

Day By Day. Step By Step. 
the power of a simple morning walk
Libby DeLana

I love working in my papercut journey pages and this spread from an issue of Magnolia magazine had to be added although it is not a papercut. Wondering what a papercut journey page looks like...I am planning on adding them here once again. Stay tuned

Post Script

* * *

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  1. I love love this blog and would like it all the time if I could.

  2. Peggy,
    I love reading your blog. I especially love your photographs. I feel as though I'm looking through a magazine with the beautiful settings you choose for your photos.

    1. Thank you, Sue. I never thought myself as a very good picture taker. LOL

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  6. Are we not allowed to post our own daybooks here anymore? There's no linksky tool to do it.

  7. Good morning Peggy! I hope you have just been busy and healthy. Miss seeing your beautiful posts. I do the SWD every Saturday morning and I have forgotten to come back here and put a link to my post. But I put a link to your blog in my posts. Have a beautiful day!

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    Missing you Peggy! Hope all is well!


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