Tuesday, April 23

A Recap To The Revisit 🌺

Hello friends! 

About a month ago, I sent along my first post in nearly 2 years to you. It was entitled, Old Trees with New Growth and was an I am back sort of post. In that post was information about my new email subscription box that I recently added to the sidebar.

The next post I sent was on the day of the solar eclipse fittingly titled, The Light of the World

And my most recent post was the April Daybook Edition which included the community link that allows you to post your own daybook to your blog and to link back.

I thought it might be nice to post a recap since you may have missed them and because I am newly back to writing here. If you would like to catch up, the titles are hyperlinked for you. 

Please feel free to pass my blog along to anyone you feel would enjoy following.

Lastly, I want to thank you for all of your kind words towards my return. I have some fun things planned for this space as well as a gift-away to introduce a new Etsy shop. 

Monday, April 15

New ☂️ April Daybook & Community Link! ✍️

The Simple Woman's Daybook (April 2024 Edition)

 For Today

Looking out my window... 
the first signs of Spring.

I am thinking... 
how nice to be able to open the windows, even for a little while.

I am thankful... 
to be returning to the Simple Woman blog and to finally have a working subscription box on the sidebar. Please subscribe if you wish to receive my posts directly emailed to you.

One of my favorite things... 
this sign I found at Hobby Lobby. I knew instantly it would come home with me and sit on top of the mantel in the great room.

I am wearing...
gray wide-leg capris that are so soft, a dark cornflower blue knit top and my house moccasins.

I am creating...
a packing list for my monthly retreat. I head out in the morning to a lovely B&B to soak in some quiet time. This month it will be over my birthday which it even sweeter.

I am watching... 
Little House On The Mountain

I am reading... 
the winter issue of Victoria. I always enjoy their first issue of the year and this one was so good. The theme was keeping a journal and writing letters, one I do every single day and one I wish I did.

I feel sad this beautiful way of communication has fallen by the wayside...just one more thing we have sacrificed on the altar of technology. Yes, I can throw a text out there adding a cute smiley face with the best of them, but to what loss?

And to think there will be a generation attending public school who do not know how to cursive write, that is beyond comprehension.

As someone who loves the personal way that cursive writing feels coming out of a special pen and onto the grit of a pretty piece of paper I find that harmful for our children, but maybe that is just me.

In the Writer-In-Residence article Jennifer L. Scott says, "But I allowed myself to record these everyday occurrences, trusting in the process. After all, I enjoyed looking back at my old journal from childhood and the "mundane" things I wrote about back then. I smiled, thinking that one day my life will look very different from how it looks now and that the quotidian tasks I do around the house might seem special through the lens of time and age. In other words, the entries were only mundane if I believed them to be so."

Ahhh, the 'mundane'...lovely word and for those who enjoy the beauty of the mundane or as I call it, "where every day is a blank page", there is a treat returning. 
{see below to join me}

I am listening to... Oh! This one! 

In the garden... 
very soon a flurry of activity that will be unending

In the kitchen...
hot tea with scones


Words of Others

"Spend enough time in a state of frenetic shallowness and you permanently reduce your capacity to perform deep work."
Deep  Work 
Cal Newport

A moment from my day...

Post Script

If there has to be commercials, here's hoping for more like this one.

* * *

Please find links on the sidebar where you can follow me and you are always welcome to reach out to me by emailing me at thesimplewoman@gmail.com

Now! It is your turn to write up your daybook post and link-up here when you are finished. (Daybook guidelines found HERE)


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