Monday, November 23

The December Daybook Edition & Link-up!

Welcome to The Simple Woman's Daybook Community & Link-up! I am glad you are here! If this is your first time to the daybook and you would like to link-up, please find the guidelines and directions over on the right sidebar.

There will now be one monthly link-up posted on the first Monday of each month. You are free to post a new daybook link here for each daybook you write at your blog, whether that is once a month or if you daybook does not matter. It is what works best for you. Just please keep the link back to The Simple Woman's Daybook in tact and in view in the body of your post so other's can find us. Thank you for continuing to do this very important step!

This will be the last link-up posted for 2015. The next one will be posted, January 4th, 2016!

Merry December!

***Before you go, I wonder if you could help me with something...if you could come here and find anything besides the daybook shared by me, what would you like to find. What draws you to enjoy the blogs you read? ***

UPDATE: Last month I asked the above favor about what I could share here at my blog that you would enjoy?  I received quite sadly, two vague comments. (even with a few thousand page views to this blog a month) Perhaps, this confirms what I have been reading around the world wide web for about a year now...that "blogging is dead". 

With that I know you all love, The Simple Woman's Daybook, so I will continue posting the daybook link, but will not be adding any of my own writing. 

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