Friday, October 31

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge {Day 23 of 30}


It is usually on Thursday when I post my "This Week in my Kitchen" entry and join the blog hop, but I have decided to just stick around here. However, I would like to share with you (from time to time) what has been happening in my kitchen, either in pictures or pictures along with a recipe. 

I am mostly a no nonsense type of cook, raised by the very same women, and only this past year have I left my comfort zone and added a few newer, more "modern" recipes. This week I want to show you how I do vegetable soup, very simply I add lots of good vegetables. My grandmother and mother made this soup quite often as it is very hearty, does not require expensive ingredients and is wonderful for large families!

I begin with blocking potatoes, cook those for a bit, add cauliflower, add broccoli, cook all til tender, drain almost all of the liquid (leave a bit of the bottom starch). Then, I add milk to cover, a nice bit of butter, heat through and add lots of shredded cheese and top with croutons or crackers. Add any kind of spices that suit you. What is really nice are the *add ins* you can use from time to time to switch it up a bit, like macaroni, rice, frozen peas, corn, etc. 

Day 23 of 30

(now is when it would be drained and finished...sorry, I never got that finished soup was just to good to wait)

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Thursday, October 30

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge {Day 22 of 30}

Day 22 of 30

:: pine ::

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Wednesday, October 29

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge {Day 21 of 30}

Day 21 of 30

:: glass goodness ::

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Tuesday, October 28

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge {Day 20 of 30}

Day 20 of 30

:: wood love ::

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Monday, October 27

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ October 27th Edition

The Simple Woman's Daybook is back at it's original home, The Simple Woman's blog. REMEMBER if you are linking up you will need to change your link from the old one to the new one. Thank you!

(If you are new to the daybook or unsure since its been awhile you wrote one and linked up, you may go to this link to read over the guidelines.)


For Today
October 27, 2014

Outside my window... a very nice day with mild temperatures, very much Indian summer

I am thinking...  how much I appreciate each and every one of you who visit here

I am thankful... for the third part of the Trinity, Holy Spirit, who is often overlooked and misunderstood

I am wearing... dark wash city jeans, cute black and red graphic top, long, black swirly vest, black belt and black comfy shoes

I am creating... a larger paper cut journal page which I will use as a fresh header

I am going... on a solo shopping trip

I am wondering... about the new idea I have for community. Also, taking inventory on the blog, things I have created, what stays and what goes

I am reading (again)... through to the end of Misplacing God (and finding Him again) by Joanne Heim and wondering if another book study of some type would be in the future and what title to choose

I am hoping... my sweet girls are making lots of memories while at the ocean

I am learning... to be steadfast and all the rest falls away

Around the house... a few "beautifying" projects that will help further the spring plan

In the kitchen...  what those potatoes were for in this picture  (more pictures and recipe in my upcoming, Simple Woman's Kitchen post)

I am pondering... the sweetness of having a son to my right and a son to my left and a grandson on my lap during yesterday's church service

A favorite quote for today... "The minds of men (women) seem to be unrestrained by any form of righteous standards. Thus, being uninfluenced by godly restraint, mankind (womankind) has become actively engaged in exploring all forms of the unthinkable and unimaginable." (emp. mine)
Richard Hamm

One of my favorite things... giving little treats away to women who participate in one way or another with the simple woman blog. So after you post your daybook this week and link up below, email me at with the code "CBUG" for a chance to win a free month of creative bug. Winner will be announced in the next daybook edition.

A few plans for this week: ladies mini-church, dinner out with a friend and the weekly grocery run

A peek into one of my days from this week... 

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge
Day 19 of 30

:: this workhorse is in our basement, it is the big woodstove that helps to keep the rest of the house warm and between this one and the cookstove in our greatroom I stay quite busy during cold winter days stoking the stoves::

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