Tuesday, April 15

Four Seasons :: Day 19 of 30 & April Book Club

A Year of Mornings

Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes

I read this book in/on:
paperback format and it is my own copy

My personal thoughts on this book: 
This is the type of book you "read" when you are lacking time or just want to breathe deep a bit. It ties in so well with what several of us are doing over at Four Seasons: 30 Days...taking a pause in the day to share one picture and to capture that moment. This books speaks to the every day and tells it beautifully.

Here is a link where you can find/purchase this book: 
A Year of Mornings

A favorite quote from the book: 
While this book is all about photos, I love the reason behind the book. "Early morning hours, before the hustle and bustle of the day commences, are the perfect time to pause and enjoy a sense of renewal and vitality." "A Year of Mornings collects 236 images-always taken before noon without discussion between the two women..."

Now...visit the *new* home of The Simple Woman's Book Club HERE, add your link to the April edition and if you do, your name will be put in the hat for this copy. 

(While I have looked at this several times, I am going to be sharing it off to someone who would love to have this copy for their own.) 

It is my way of saying thank you for your continuing support of all things Simple Woman!

The winner will be announced May 12th when the May edition is posted, which will be right here at TSW blog. 

Monday, April 14

Four Seasons :: Day 18 of 30

Spring Challenge

Today was slated for, TSW Book Club Edition for April, but that will wait until tomorrow. If you are interested in knowing more about the book club, you may read here. It will also tell you why the day later than planned.


:: tis the season ::

Thursday, April 10

Four Seasons :: Day 16 of 30

is underway with the last day being April 30th.

The Summer Challenge begins June 20th (one day before summer).
Mark your calendar and join us!

Included in today's, Day 16 of 30 Spring Challenge post, I am joining in with Heather over at Beauty That Moves for her This Week In My Kitchen blog hop!

If you missed last week's blog hop entry, you can see it here.


:: food art ::

:: the best combination ever...pecans, tiny chocolate chips and plenty of cinnamon ::

:: i love lunch ::

:: yummy noodle soup ::

:: so much more than oatmeal ::

:: green beauty ::

:: bananas and abc's ::

:: leftover oatmeal muffins with chia ::

:: leftover oatmeal muffin recipe from Soulemama ::

:: homemade jam, chai and bunnies...oh my! ::

Monday, April 7

Four Seasons :: Day 13 of 30 & April Daybook

Join me over at The Simple Woman's Daybook!

For Today

Outside my window...
a few sure signs of Spring: yellowing of willows, robins gathering, a muddy lane and another birthday.

I am thinking... 
how cool to see 3 Hammerhead Woodpeckers on the same stump. They are so odd to watch, but I love doing so!

I am thankful...
that God always provides and I love watching the many ways that provision presents itself.

In the kitchen... 
always striving to learn and make improvements. If you missed my extended kitchen fun, you can go here to join in this coming Thursday!

I am wearing... 
gray leggings, black knit tunic and bare feet

I am creating... 
with a new set of Micron pens! If you love to draw, then these are for you too.

I am going...
to pick up my seeds this week and hopefully it will dry enough to plant.

I am wondering... 
when my new subscription will start to this lovely! Yep, bit the bullet and now have this one being delivered to my mailbox! 

I am reading...
I will be covering this topic in next Monday's blog post and The Simple Woman's Book Club link-up. Have you read a good book lately? Join us April 14th!

I am hoping...
to have a family picture taken sometime over the summer of my entire tribe...currently there is an even dozen!

I am learning...
that my passion for art, never ended the day I decided not to attend the Pennsylvania Art Institute and my portfolio of work began gathering dust.

Around the house...
already beginning the gathering of wood for next winter. When you heat your home with wood, it is a never ending chore, but with high rewards.

I am pondering...
names for the art pieces that I have completed. I think that each hoop should have a name and that each collection in the grouping should have a title.

A favorite quote for today...
"Is the spring coming?" he said. "What's it like?" "It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine..."
~Frances Hodges Burnett~
The Secret Garden

One of my favorite things...
treating my daughter to gifts, simply because she never asks for "things".

A few plans:
hardly any...just the way I like it at times. I do not like a calendar full of stuff, blank spaces work well for me.

A peek into my day...