Friday, May 27

Embrace The Change

This lovely weather and the quiet days, have caused me to move into a place of quiet. Just walking out the backdoor in the morning to sit on my porch swing or listening to the night sounds coming in on the breeze, as I drift off to sleep, hold such sweetness. This is the season I turn a bit inward, perhaps with more time to ponder and plan. So much glorious inspiration! 

Next week, there are three more cyberschool days and two more homeschool days left, then I will have a another graduate, as well as a 7th grader. It is time to think about what my next life step might look like. 

There will be no more homeschooling days for me and with my youngest, his 13th birthday in June, headed back to the life skills classroom in the fall, things will be quite different. It is a bittersweet time for me and as one who has seen her share of melancholy these past few years, as always, I will slowly embrace the change and move forward to what may come next.

As I prepare to shut the computer down, I want to wish all of my readers a very happy week-end and holiday. 

P.S. I will have a new Daybook link posted on June 6th, but I will be back next week with a post or two. 

Until then...

Tuesday, May 24

My Path Of Least Resistance

To encourage myself and yet to perhaps, encourage another, I sat down this past Sunday afternoon, with pen and paper, to plan and write. It could have been the no week-end internet rule I recently self-imposed, or it could have been the new writing desk in the yummy shade of espresso, but for whatever reason, it was nice to have a roomy spot and the open time to put in place some new goals. 

This may not make a bit of sense to you, but I needed to get it down...a post to remind myself to continue on my path of least resistance

When you look up, "path of least resistance", it tells you to continue on, using the word, "resistance".

  1. 1.
    the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.
    "she put up no resistance to being led away"
    synonyms:opposition to, hostility to, refusal to accept
    "resistance to change"
  2. 2.
    the ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely.
    "some of us have a lower resistance to cold than others"

  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first example, "she put up no resistance to being led away" could hold more truth for some as intended and I found it quite interesting in putting together my thoughts. 

I want to put up resistance and yet, I want to put myself on a path where I do not always have to resist.

For myself, it has taken years quite a while to get to this point, but I have finally tamed the social media beast. Maybe you have never met it (and how wonderful for you), but it can be real and show up in a number of various ways.

In a few years, you may actually be able to google "social media beast" and find it under the larger heading of medical issues; the unintended ripping into one's day, stress tremors when one misplaces their phone for an hour, decline of eyesight from screen use, abuse of a child who lost their parent's charger (if you haven't heard about that one, be glad) and the list goes on...

Just give it time.

It was only until a few months ago, that facebook would have been my personal preference when connecting online, but no longer. After cutting down a few hundred "likes" to 4, removing "friends" to only a few close family members and a few women with whom I have known online for 10 years and removing myself from all and any groups except for my close-knit book day looks very different. 

Now, I check in once a day and I am really thinking hard about deleting the account.

Instagram was never a problem, as I simply was not interested in buying a smartphone, nor paying for it's monthly bill. 

Twitter...what's that? Ha!

Pinterest is fun and does not draw me as facebook. I use it as I would when I sit down with a favorite magazine. I look over a few pages and get up.

And while this post may read like a downer from me in using a computer, no, not at all. I love adding songs to my ITunes account, watching a missed episode of Chicago Med in the afternoon, following a new class on Creativebug, ordering a used book on Amazon or watching a video on You Tube

A few weeks ago, when I returned here to my blog, I was not planning on having my blog dictate how many posts a week I would write, only that I would enjoy it when I could click the "publish" button. 

I am enjoying just that, as well as the continuation of, The Simple Woman's Daybook which I write up here at the beginning of each month. 

Whether, the daybook, my papercut journey or any of my-at-home day planners, they help me stay grounded (on my path) and allow me to think through things that are of the moment.

So, being on this path for me means; I will stay alert to things I need to change. I will stay alert to things that would hinder my day. I will stay alert to things that nibble or eat away my time. I will stay alert to the next best thing and recognize it for what it is...a thief.

For time is fleeting and precious and the older you get, the more you come to understand that fact.

walking my path...

Friday, May 20

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening

:: Morning ::

:: Afternoon ::

:: Evening ::

P.S. After taking my week-long retreat last week, I am working on establishing something new for me..signing off on Friday evenings from all week-end internet use. 
Maybe this is something you already partake in or maybe it is something for you to think about...either way have a lovely one!

See you on Monday! 

Thursday, May 19

Five Senses : May 19th

 May 19th

seeing ~ 

the huge box just delivered that holds my new computer/writing desk 

hearing ~

Samuel "reading" his books as he looks through the pictures

smelling ~

sweaty from my workout, but always enjoy freshening up the treadmill and mat with this

tasting ~ 

lemon water from a quart jar

still feeling ~

tickled with the (April) birthday gifts my daughter lovingly gave to me

How about you...what are your 5 senses telling you today?