Monday, April 12

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes And Laundry {Part Eight}

HomeMaking :: More Than Dishes and Laundry
A Study Series written by Peggy Hostetler

Well, I never thought it would take so long to get another part of this series typed and sent out to you, but here I am.

(With it being so long no doubt you forget what I am even talking about, but the entire series will be linked in the sidebar for you to peruse when you have time)

I hope in someway this series will give you something to think about and to consider as you move through the years of keeping your home.

I am entitling this post, The Big Part : Contentment. I know, I know, you are taking a big sigh right about now and saying to yourself, "When in the world is she going to focus on our dishes and laundry and why is she bringing up vision, fruit and contentment!" Well, as I look at you to answer, I would say all of that is small in comparison to your vision, your fruit and your contentment.

When I say the word "contentment", what does it bring to mind? Are we content with what we have and what we have to work with? Some of us live in "fine" homes, some us live in trailers, some of us live in apartments, some of us live in two-story or single floor dwellings. The where and what does not matter as much as the how. How we live there, do we find peace and contentment living in that "house", serving in that house and in doing so, turning the house into a home.

Do you remember as a girl how you would play "house"? How you would take a box and some blankets and pretend it was your house? I remember as a girl, many times playing in the woods and making paths, using Mommy's old broom sweeping the dirt and leaves away and making a path to my little stick and bed sheet house. What fun times they were! Those times were preparing us for now, they are "in" us from the time we, as little girl are born. They are part of what make a woman a loving nurturer. Some of us fight against that our whole life and we run from home, not wanting to "keep" the home, but others of us gently and sweetly succumb to it's loveliness, reaping the many blessings. Our nature is to make a place for those we love and care for...a dry place in a muddy world. 

I do pray that you feel satisfied and happy in your little nook or as I call mine, my nest. To me, there is nothing quite so satisfying then to be at home, to make, to create and to warm my home.

Contentment, so how does one find it in homemaking?

In the upcoming and final post in this series, I will share with you how I keep and maintain my contentment. Also, we will be looking down a list of questions that will help us focus in on the job we are doing at home, how we could change a few things and how we move forward from here.


  1. Thank you for continuing on with this series, and doing so in God's timing. I print these out and place them in my Extension Homemakers binder, to have on hand to review when preparing for an event or a meeting with fellow Extension Homemakers here in Miller county Arkansas.


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