Tuesday, June 18

The Signpost :: Week of June 17th

  ~The weekly Signpost~

Read more about the inception of the signpost HERE.

Not quite Christmas in July, but could we say Christmas in June. 

Information about this lovely spiral-bound ESV Journaling Bible from Crossway found HERE


  1. It seems many women are getting into spiral-bound journaling Bibles. I'm convinced I would somehow rip it accidentally. And where are all your readers? I miss the familiar names I would see on a regular basis.

    1. Hello Regina! This is my first that is spiral-bound, but I do have a journal Bible that I love. I enjoy the note taking area.
      Ya know, I thought something had changed in the blogging community and that some women were coming back to blogging, but all the ones I used to read are dusty relics of a gone by era. It makes sense since most of us have raised our families and are in different seasons of our lives. This has made me rethink that perhaps I have made a mistake in returning. In the past month I have read an overwhelming amount of material concerning, the internet and social media and none of it is good. I think we all need to reevaluate using any of it unless totally necessary. I know I am.

    2. Well I'm glad you are back and I hope you continue to post.I noticed too that many of the womenI used to follow have quit writing to either post on Intagram or are focused on their families. I'm attempting to post more on my blog but my life seems so boring compared to other blogs.
      I don't have room in my Bible for note taking so I have several sticky notes. I have them held down with washi tape.😄

  2. Anonymous6/23/2024

    At almost 62 years of age, this space was sorely missed when you


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