Tuesday, April 23

A Recap To The Revisit 🌺

Hello friends! 

About a month ago, I sent along my first post in nearly 2 years to you. It was entitled, Old Trees with New Growth and was an I am back sort of post. In that post was information about my new email subscription box that I recently added to the sidebar.

The next post I sent was on the day of the solar eclipse fittingly titled, The Light of the World

And my most recent post was the April Daybook Edition which included the community link that allows you to post your own daybook to your blog and to link back.

I thought it might be nice to post a recap since you may have missed them and because I am newly back to writing here. If you would like to catch up, the titles are hyperlinked for you. 

Please feel free to pass my blog along to anyone you feel would enjoy following.

Lastly, I want to thank you for all of your kind words towards my return. I have some fun things planned for this space as well as a gift-away to introduce a new Etsy shop. 

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