Monday, January 7

January Letter To You (and daybook edition)

For Today

Happy New Year friends! 

As I have looked back over my past year's daybook editions, I have seen one or two left fairly blank. For one reason or another, I simply chose to put up the issue with the linky for those of you who continually visit each month. (I am thankful for you!)

In one case, there have been other things that have taken priority, in another it was time issues and for sure as I have aged, I have become more private about my life. Surely, as one fills out the blanks of their daybook, it can stay as private as one wishes, but even a small amount has been too much for me.

I say aged, but there was a time when I could not post enough with the online ladies with whom I frequently shared...I needed to get their input, their encouragement, their inspiration and their friendship. Most of us, for varying reasons needed one another. We had husbands to love, babies to breastfeed, little ones to train, teens to nurture, homes to care for (with all it's many facets), may have been homeschooling, putting in gardens, putting up food, hanging out laundry, making meal after meal, the list goes on and on and within all of it and most importantly, trying to develop, build or maintain a relationship with Christ Jesus. Those days were some of the most difficult and yet, some of the most rewarding days of my life. Often I go back and remember...

Those times of being in the thick of it are now long since passed, nearly 20 years ago since creating my first yahoo group and blog, but I kept nearly all of my posts in both hard copy form and heart form. With the new year, I began going through all the notebooks and journals I saved and had myself a real time of reflection, melancholy, giggles, tears, and general wonderment at how I got through the ups and downs of it all. 

Once I was finished, I thought about getting them all together in a form that my children and grand-children could read which was my original goal in storing them all away. Then, I started wondering if the young ladies out there who have now grown into some of those same places we were, if they would get any encouragement and inspiration from any of it.

Of course, doubt came creeping in...what if they thought it was too old-fashioned, times have surely changed in 20 years, do women even think this way anymore, what good could come from my ramblings. But, then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said...let me handle that, you just share it.

So, I come and tell you I am working on doing just that, but I have some things to get in order before taking on such a venture. No worry, the daybook will stay put (for now), but I wanted to give you a heads up for February's edition when I am praying to have some news for you about this project.

Much love,

with my first born son 1985

and with his son, my first grandson 2014

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, HERE is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts. 

The February Edition will be posted February 4th.

Please NoteIf you want to be notified by email of each monthly daybook edition you can "subscribe" using the box on the sidebar. 


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  1. Happy New Year, Peggy! I too feel aged, like a fine wine or cheese lol
    may all your dreams come true in 2019 :)

  2. Awwww...Your grandson is such a cutie :)

  3. Lovely thoughts Peggy and I will look forward to the February edition. Blessings abundant in 2019!

    1. Good to see your visit...and the very same, Lea!

  4. As a long time follower, I look forward to what you have to share. My own writings ebb (current) and flow.

    1. Your name is familiar to me. Thank you for your interest.

  5. Beautiful! This post spoke to me! I am looking forward to February!

  6. precious memories... miss those days sometimes. 4 of my own are on their own with kids and 3 still at home Daniel 11, HOpe 15 and Faith 16 now...sigh, time sure flies fast...
    Love and blessings to you
    Linda Marie

    1. Yes, time does fly...our Samuel will be 16 in June! Hug to you, Linda!

    2. My youngest Daniel will turn 11 tomorrow !!! I am enjoying this stage of kids growing up and being grandmother to 11 so far !

  7. Oh, I so hear your heart and know what you are feeling here.

    I too find myself thinking of how things were when our girls were little..

    The photo of you and your grandson is precious. We're expecting our first grandbaby next month, a little boy. : )

    Blessings to you, I've enjoyed reading this entry, it's not often I read someone who is authentically sharing their heart, what a breath of fresh air.

    Blessings to you. ~Amelia

    1. Thank you kindly, Amelia! What a kind thing to say...I am trying to do better on that end. You will find much of that in my upcoming project that I will share more on next month. Blessing back to you and yours as well!

  8. Such a beautiful post! And what a precious gift to pass along to the younger generation. I am glad that you listened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to begin this next project. I am looking forward to hearing more about it. Blessings to you in this New Year!

  9. I know you are enjoying that grandbaby. :) He looks so much like his daddy. Thank you, Peggy, for continuing with the SWDB.

  10. have been an inspiration to me. I remember when I first found your blog, I was so filled with joy that there was a woman out there that cared to share simplicity through her words. Thank you 💜

  11. Peggy, I was one of those young moms who found great encouragement in your writing twenty years ago. My oldest turns 20 this year and I still have a houseful of children at home and would love to re-visit some of your writing that encouraged me so greatly back then. Thank you!