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Tuesday, September 5

The Simple Woman's Daybook {September Edition}

For Today

Looking out my window... soaking in the late day light and shadows...shadows this time of year are surely one of my favorite things

I am thinking... how wonderful this study is going to be and for the 2017 simulcast. I can hardly wait!

I am thankful... for those simple little things that make a house a home

One of my favorite things... the gifts that the ocean gives to me every time I visit

I am wearing... work-out clothes and feeling so good hitting the mat once again. With this view I never grow weary of a good sweat.

I am creating... a practice hoop with embroidery stitches so I don't forget

I am watching... this as soon as Netflix delivers

I am reading...

*Remember in last month's edition I mentioned this book? 

I found Ruth through her lovely instagram page last year and have been following her ever since. My first impression was this women knows how to love really well...she loves her Lord, her husband and her six sons with her entire heart. 

This book is a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness through the ever-changing seasons, filled with beautiful artwork and reflective devotions pointing you to God’s grace and truth.

WELL...look! I bought a copy just for you!

All you have to do is write up and post a daybook entry on your blog (please see the guidelines on the sidebar), link back below in the Mister Linky AND this is important, leave me a comment saying you would like to have your name put in the hat. If you do not mention this, I will assume you are not interested.

You will have until the next daybook is posted to have it written up and posted, which will be on October 2nd. At that time, I will have my son, Samuel draw a name for your copy of Gracelaced

Lots of information on Ruth's instagram page found here
{because of shipping costs U.S. residents only}

I am listening to... this truly amazing rendition of, How Great Is Our God. I never heard the World Edition before and all I can say is, WOW!!! I had chills the entire way through to the very end!

In the garden... tomatoes, Hungarian wax peppers and a few cabbage heads remain.

I am hoping... that today is the day I wrap up my entire house cleaning project. I have been on it a week, going through each and every room, each and every closet, shelf, storage bin, cubby hole and deep cleaning everything! I think I filled one of those huge drop-off Goodwill bins in town nearly full. I love fluffing and fluttering around my home!

{one of the rooms...before}


I am learning... that God gives you small, nearly un-noticed offerings that stand as reminders of his love and his remembrance of you. I put that beautiful feather behind glass so I would never forget the day I found it and what it intimately meant to me.

In the kitchen... I am already in sorrow over the cucumbers being over. LOL! Seems they helped me melt away extra weight too...I lost a bit over 10 pounds in 2 months without even trying!

Board Room

shared from my pinterest board  "rock my world" 

 full credit given for this pin here

Shared Quote

"Sin is like mold. When it's exposed to light, it can't grow"
*new book by Denise J. Hughes
Deeper Waters

A moment from my day... a new school year calls for a new backpack

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, HERE is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.


The October Simple Woman's Daybook edition will be posted by October 2nd.

You are invited to "like" my facebook page here where I share between daybook postings little everyday things.


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  1. I have recently moved my blog to wordpress and done a reboot... I am hoping to make this post a monthly habit. I am looking forward to reading others posts soon. :)

    1. Welcome Leann! I used to post the daybook every week, but now it is much more doable once per month. The Simple Woman's Daybook has been around for almost 10 years!

  2. Hello! This is my first time joining The Simple Woman's Daybook, something I've been meaning/wanting to do ever since I discovered it almost a year ago. Peggy, I do enjoy your monthly posts here, always so full of happiness and soul. I also enjoy your Facebook page. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it this month, and I hope to return for the October daybook! Kudos to a great blog!

  3. And oh yes almost forgot: I would love for my name to be put in the hat for your Gracelaced giveaway! :) Thanks!

  4. I would like my name to be put in the hat for your Gracelaced giveaway! Thanks!

    1. Thank you Kay! Welcome to you also...I have put your name in the hat!

    2. Thank you! (And sorry for the extra post about the giveaway. I didn't think that first one went through.)

  5. Please enter my name! And I enjoyed your lovely photos. :)

  6. Mine's up, and I'd love to have a chance on the book!

  7. I always enjoy your daybook entries. Your pictures are so cozy this time.

    I would LOVE to win that devotional- i have been on the lookout for a new devotional

    1. Thank you, Amy! I added your name!

  8. Thank you so much for keeping this going, I've tried so many times to "get my blog up of the ground", but life gets busy. Each time I try to revive, or just let a bit out, I come here. I'd just give it all up if not for having a starting point or my desire to have an outlet. Blessings

    1. Thank you Valerie for your kind words. So glad the daybook helps :-)