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Thursday, September 8

The Simple Woman's Daybook {September} Edition

For Today

Looking out my window... a very hot day to come

I am thinking... how nice it is to be feeling better after a rough couple of days (the reason the September daybook is late this month)

I am thankful... for the great start of the school year for my little man.

One of my favorite things... those sweet out-of-the-blue gifts from my daughters...they know me so well.

I am creating... a new autumn space to greet the morning

I am watching... Army Wives

I am wearing... black knit shorts, bright pink t-shirt

I am reading... the book above that my daughter bought for me. She knows that I love Joan Anderson and ordered her last book, Stretch Marks for me. I now have every book Joan has written!

I am listening to... my new Blake Shelton cd, If I'm Honest 

I am hoping... to get to this stack over the new few months.

I am learning... little tips from my book study group. You can take a book or in this case the scripture cards that go along with the Beth Moore study, Entrusted and get them spiral bound. I went to Staples and for a few dollars had them made into a flip "book".

Please see more at Lifeway & here is the study promo! 

For the past month, I have been blessed to have been on the book launch team for this book study! And for those of you on fb, who have "liked" my page, you have seen me sending along regular information. I may be sharing more in blog format about this with my readers over the next week of two as I try to bring something new to the daybook family. (I mentioned this in the August daybook edition)

In the kitchen... in between seasons...garden is over and it is too early to eat too heavy. Morning muffins and quick breads are filling up hungry tummies.

In the schoolroom... since this is an *optional prompt...this will be my last fill-in for this one. I have mentioned before about this year, being my first year of not having a child to homeschool, so I am turning this area of my studio into something new.

In the garden... another *optional prompt...this too, will be a quiet one for a while. All fencing has been put away and the soil turned over deeply which will now lay and rest til Spring.

Board Room

shared from my pinterest board  "the beauty of place"

full credit to this pin given here

Post Script

Shared Quote

A moment from my day...

Going through my washi tape and stamp stash, as I begin putting together a new study notebook

Closing Notes

The October Simple Woman's Daybook edition will be posted on October 3rd

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create your own, HERE is the link to the format and guidelines for you.

Until next month...


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  1. Glad you're feeling better! Your creative space looks wonderful... I need to figure out HOW I'm creative and make myself a space, too. :)

    1. I enjoyed your daybook and the little photo at the top of your girls "the return of the routine"

  2. Yay, finally got my act together! Here's my first-ever Daybook post - please let me know if I did anything 'wrong'... :D

    1. Good job, Claire...you did just fine! I hope you enjoyed the pause that the daybook allows. I, too, am awaiting season 2 of Poldark :-)

  3. I agree! Out-of-the-blye gifts are fun! What thoughtful daughters you have.
    Your picture window view is super!
    Starting ENTRUSTED next week in our small group. Can't wait. Plus, we're working our way through FERVENT in a book group.
    Simple Woman's Gazette? Color me intrigued!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes, I have my work cut out for me with study material. Fervent is so good, this prompted me to begin my study binder and add to it with the Armour study by Priscilla and now Beth's study....goooooood stuff!

  4. Fervent and The Armor of God are wonderful studies! I have done both. A friend and I developed a prayer binder after seeing War Room and reading Fervent. It works very well for us.

    1. Yes, Stacy...The Armor of God is a wonderful study to do after Fervent. I have that one as well. And War Room is unreal good!

  5. Happy Monday to you! I have a few of those same books on my "to read" list. I love that rock/water picture. Have a blessed day!

    1. A good book stack makes for a good season for sure!

  6. Real life trumps blogging. I'm glad you're doing better after your rough patch.

    1. Thank you, Jen for that...appreciated!

  7. Entrusted looks wonderful!

  8. That stack of books looks fantastic. =) Need to read some of those too.

  9. Hi, Peggy! It's been a long time since I shared a Daybook. I always enjoy yours. Such beautiful photos! Enjoy the rest of September. :)

  10. And I love what you did making the scripture cards into a flip book!

    1. Yes, it makes them so very nice to keep in one place.