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Tuesday, May 24

My Path Of Least Resistance

To encourage myself and yet to perhaps, encourage another, I sat down this past Sunday afternoon, with pen and paper, to plan and write. It could have been the no week-end internet rule I recently self-imposed, or it could have been the new writing desk in the yummy shade of espresso, but for whatever reason, it was nice to have a roomy spot and the open time to put in place some new goals. 

This may not make a bit of sense to you, but I needed to get it down...a post to remind myself to continue on my path of least resistance

When you look up, "path of least resistance", it tells you to continue on, using the word, "resistance".

  1. 1.
    the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.
    "she put up no resistance to being led away"
    synonyms:opposition to, hostility to, refusal to accept
    "resistance to change"
  2. 2.
    the ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely.
    "some of us have a lower resistance to cold than others"

  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first example, "she put up no resistance to being led away" could hold more truth for some as intended and I found it quite interesting in putting together my thoughts. 

I want to put up resistance and yet, I want to put myself on a path where I do not always have to resist.

For myself, it has taken years quite a while to get to this point, but I have finally tamed the social media beast. Maybe you have never met it (and how wonderful for you), but it can be real and show up in a number of various ways.

In a few years, you may actually be able to google "social media beast" and find it under the larger heading of medical issues; the unintended ripping into one's day, stress tremors when one misplaces their phone for an hour, decline of eyesight from screen use, abuse of a child who lost their parent's charger (if you haven't heard about that one, be glad) and the list goes on...

Just give it time.

It was only until a few months ago, that facebook would have been my personal preference when connecting online, but no longer. After cutting down a few hundred "likes" to 4, removing "friends" to only a few close family members and a few women with whom I have known online for 10 years and removing myself from all and any groups except for my close-knit book club...my day looks very different. 

Now, I check in once a day and I am really thinking hard about deleting the account.

Instagram was never a problem, as I simply was not interested in buying a smartphone, nor paying for it's monthly bill. 

Twitter...what's that? Ha!

Pinterest is fun and does not draw me as facebook. I use it as I would when I sit down with a favorite magazine. I look over a few pages and get up.

And while this post may read like a downer from me in using a computer, no, not at all. I love adding songs to my ITunes account, watching a missed episode of Chicago Med in the afternoon, following a new class on Creativebug, ordering a used book on Amazon or watching a video on You Tube

A few weeks ago, when I returned here to my blog, I was not planning on having my blog dictate how many posts a week I would write, only that I would enjoy it when I could click the "publish" button. 

I am enjoying just that, as well as the continuation of, The Simple Woman's Daybook which I write up here at the beginning of each month. 

Whether, the daybook, my papercut jounal or any of my-at-home day planners, they help me stay grounded (on my path) and allow me to think through things that are of the moment.

So, being on this path for me means; I will stay alert to things I need to change. I will stay alert to things that would hinder my day. I will stay alert to things that nibble or eat away my time. I will stay alert to the next best thing and recognize it for what it is...a thief.

For time is fleeting and precious and the older you get, the more you come to understand that fact.

walking my path...


  1. Dear Peggy,
    I so agree with you, and my thoughts have been in the same place...tho' not necessarily with Facebook, but the lure of online in general. I especially like your thought about not putting yourself so often in the place of needing to resist. What a relief!

    1. I knew you would Lesley! I almost used the quote, "tools for everyday life" in my post as it seemed appropriate to our conversation.

  2. Oh, yes! I so agree. I am almost aggressive in my cutting of social media ties and bindings right now. Time is so precious! I deleted my rarely used Twitter account, am beginning a slow unfriending process on Facebook. I crave the relief of a simpler path, and time to treasure what is truly important. My mantra these days, "Be mindful, Dori, in all things be mindful." Note to self: One has to slow down to be mindful.

    1. What a joy to see your comment here, Dori! Thank you and I love your mantra. I have felt so much better taking those drastic steps at fb.
      Also, this past week, I was more in tune with the emails that I receive and began purging and unsubscribing from all, but the ones that I really would miss.

  3. Yes, Peggy. Finding that balance is vital in living not only healthy, but happy. It can be a struggle, for sure.

    1. Hello Dayle! Thank you for visiting and yes, vital in living healthy and happy! Love that!

    2. I deleted my Facebook last October, and I haven't looked back since. I honestly don't miss it. I came to the place of realizing that "like it button" communication wasn't very satisfying to me. Not to mention the nasty political arguments flying back and forth.

      I've never been on Twitter or Instagram, and Pinterest isn't a huge draw for me. Like you, I look at a few things, then go on my way.

      The internet is great, but not if it controls us or steals our time.

      Patti @ Embracing Home

    3. Yes, facebook is not satisfying at all, except to take your time and leave you guilty for giving so much away.

      Thank you for your visit! I have your blog link saved for a future visit your way. :-)

  4. I found your blog today, by way of someone else's and I really needed to read this post.
    I have always struggled with wanting to be rid of FB, but it's kind of like knowing your friends are all outside talking or playing and choosing to join in or not :)

    It's ridiculous!

    I've tried to think back to a few years ago when it didn't exist. I blogged for fun, not for "likes" and I never felt obligated to get online.

    Now it basically calls my name throughout the day.

    I've wondered how to be done with it, so this helped me a bit.

    I'm adding your blog to my daily reads :)


    1. Hello Debbie! Ah, yes another gal who feels like I do...so glad you found me and a post has helped you. You can do it, but it is a weaning process for sure. Take small, but determined steps! It took me several tries before I could feel free of it!

  5. You are totally making me cry today! I do believe that facebook is NOT healthy for my mental state. The only reason I haven't taken it down is that not having a cell phone I organize many church events this way. I will work harder to tame it, anyway... *THANK YOU!* AGAIN!!!!!

    1. Sandi, I know it took me several months to really, truly get a handle on fb. I am feeling so much better now about any short amount of time I am spending there. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! You-can-do-it!

  6. I understand so much. Ever since FB became popular (I remember reading when FB first came out and the author touted it as a place for baby boomers! Ha1) I would feel a certain amount of stress and angst being on there even more than 30 minutes. Now I allow myself 15 minutes on Farmville2, which I find really relaxing and check it for messages as I use it as a sort of email since I dont really check my own email too much. I had decided to wean myself when the violent emotions over the political season became too much for me. Now I am trying to work on my two autistic daughters, who seem addicted NOW that is an arduous task. Fortunately I am a child of hippies and didn't grow up on t.v so it is easier for me than it is them. I won't delete it because of my ageing family members and they hate emails just as much as I so I have to look at it as necessary evil; much like that rotten cousin that your mother says that you have to be nice to even though you can't stand him.

    1. Hello Shirley,I hear ya...stress and angst pretty much sums it up. I have been in a book study group, but I feel the size sometimes is a hindrance. Smaller groups are better I think.