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Friday, May 20

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening

:: Morning ::

:: Afternoon ::

:: Evening ::

P.S. After taking my week-long retreat last week, I am working on establishing something new for me..signing off on Friday evenings from all week-end internet use. 
Maybe this is something you already partake in or maybe it is something for you to think about...either way have a lovely one!

See you on Monday! 


  1. Elizabeth Gilbert just posted on her FB page about doing the same with a link to a podcast by Rob Bell. Intriguing idea.

    1. Yes, Marianna! I saw that too and loved everything about it. Granted my life online does not look like hers, but I think we could all learn a thing or two about abstaining from the power it seems to hold on folks.

  2. Something to think about... but when I do it gives me a certain amount of anxiety...? I like doing my Sunday Salon and those who participate. It's one of my relaxation things on the weekends. And my blog is the only real time I spend on the internet. I'm not on fb or pinterest. Yeah, now I think about it, I don't think I can ;)
    I enjoy my visits here with you Peggy!

    1. Monica, for sure and good for you on not being on fb or pinterest! Facebook, in my personal opinion is the worst. I have nearly done all but close my account there. My "friends" are only my children and 4 very close friends. I have cut my "likes" down to 14 and I am on 1 group, my own book club group. Now, I check in once a day there and then I am off. Pinterest is fun, but has no power to hold me there long. But, when I come here, I am centered and inside of a quiet space. Thank you for spending a few moments here, Monica :-)

  3. Hummm...that's probably a good idea for all of us. Thanks for sharing!