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Thursday, May 19

Five Senses : May 19th

 May 19th

seeing ~ 

the huge box just delivered that holds my new computer/writing desk 

hearing ~

Samuel "reading" his books as he looks through the pictures

smelling ~

sweaty from my workout, but always enjoy freshening up the treadmill and mat with this

tasting ~ 

lemon water from a quart jar

still feeling ~

tickled with the (April) birthday gifts my daughter lovingly gave to me

How about you...what are your 5 senses telling you today?


  1. I hope it is ok, I am going to do my 5 senses on my blog and I loved reading yours

    1. Oh my no, not at all...I was hoping this would spark others to take a moment and think about them!

  2. Thanks for the idea. I also uses this for my blog. Have a great evening. :)

  3. Love this! I posted on my blog too!

  4. I love that yoga mist! And I have that same pillow. Happy belated birthday!!

    1. Isn't it the best and how cool that you have the same pillow! Thank you for the belated wish!