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Sunday, May 1

Daybook, Prompts, Guidelines, Oh My!

Good May Day dear friends! 

Tomorrow is normally the day I post The Simple Woman's Daybook link for a new month! But, I wanted to share with you a bit of news about the daybook, the prompts and the guidelines. 

First, the daybook will be posted Tuesday instead of Monday to allow you to go and read the guidelines page before linking up this month.

Second, you will find the prompts freshened up. Please note a few of them are optional.
I hope you like them!

Thirdly, and most importantly, the guidelines have changed...(well, not changed just brought to attention once again) in order to keep The Simple Woman's Daybook, the unique community link-up it was intended to be. {August of 2008}

So please take a few minutes and read it slowly and make any changes that you need to in order to link-up for the beautiful month of May.

You can find the guidelines page on the sidebar or you can go HERE

P.S. Oh, and in case you did not hear, I will be joining you!

See you tomorrow

{the simple woman}