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Monday, June 1

The Simple Woman's Daybook & Link-up Community ~ June 1st Edition

For Today...June 1st

Outside my window... dark and dripping wet from rains that passed through during the night

I am thinking... that we have had a normal spring season for a change

I am thankful... for that lovely soaking rain and for all the beauty that it brings

I am wearing... jean shorts, tan tee and barefeet

I am creating... a different rhythm for my days now that the pace has changed

I am going... to be picking strawberries with my girls this week and placing my blueberry order for the freezer

I am wondering... how the next "girls" outing will go...thinking a day spent down south

I am reading... 

Title: Fresh From The Farm
{a year of recipes and stories}

Author: Susie Middleton

I read this copy in/on: borrowed copy from my local library

HERE is the link where you can see more about the book or make a purchase

My personal thoughts on this book/magazine: This is a wonderful book that I borrowed for more than the recipes...but, make no mistake the Bruschetta, Zucchini and Corn Pancakes with Greek yogurt and honey, and Southwestern Quinoa Salad with Black beans and veggies are already on my list of "to try". It is the diary type sharing she has spread throughout the entire book that I really enjoy.

I am hoping... to keep up with my daybook, but no promises with the call of summer beckoning me

I am learning... to draw once again, but this time using Micron Pens instead of pencils

I am pondering... the loveliness and joy of having two daughters whose relationship with you is as close as it gets. {Tip in achieving that...keep them very close as growing girls, pour into them and after you have gained their respect as mother...pour into them friendship where you respect them as individual women.

In my kitchen... 

In My Garden...

A favorite quote for today... 

"There wouldn't be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one."
~Frances Clark

My Paper Cut Journal
{pages 25 & 26}

----to see my other Paper Cut pages you may go HERE

A peek into one of my days...

One of my favorite things...
{my new cast iron mermaid girl}

From the board room... 

{photo credit found HERE}

Also, a bit more inspiration from my board, "through the window" found HERE

~ Post Script ~
(this is where you will find a link that I found and simply wanted to pass along)
Good stuff HERE


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  1. Oh how I have missed your daybook posts!! Love the picture of your hands! And your food.... oh yum! I hope your week is filled with lots of blessings!!

  2. I have not done these for a long time and I am glad to find you and start back on them as I can. I love that cookbook you shared.... everything sounds delicious!

  3. Strawberries & blueberries! I can't wait to fill my belly & freezer with fresh picked berries! Strawberries are in season here at the end of June and blueberries in early August so I have a little time to wait! Your garden looks wonderful! I think the early, super warm temperatures have stunted my peas. :/ But pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots and beans look good! Great photos!

  4. Hello Peggy! (((hugs))) It is SO good to be able to be back here recording in my Daybook! I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours today. Love the relationship you have with your daughters...reminds me so much of my relationship with my daughter. :) Your Paper Cut Journal page is so lovely! I hope that you are doing well.
    xo Dianna

  5. Love the part about your daughters. It's really sweet. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. A lovely Daybook entry as always. Your garden looks great. I love the sweet relationship you have with your daughters. I have three daughters that I am very close too; but regretfully they don't live near so I can have sweet moments with them.
    I loved all the photos they are lovely.

  8. This was my first daybook post. I really need to take more pictures!!

  9. Strawberries & blueberries...yum.

    Thank you for hosting the beautiful Daybook Link-Up. I am going to try and enter more consistently. What a lovely way to journal.

  10. Your paper cut journal is fantastic. Thank you for inspiration :)

  11. What time do you put the link up for the new week. I have one for today (June 8th) but I see this is for June 1st????

  12. I am joining with you for a "late" Daybook. I love these Daybook posts, but it has been a long time since I have participated. Thanks for hosting.