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Friday, October 17

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge {Day 13 of 30}


Day 13 of 30

:: feeling extra paper cuttery this week ::

Please take a moment to visit the nine bloggers HERE who are participating in this challenge!



  1. That is absolutely beautiful, Peggy! It inspires!

  2. Very nice! (I have the same yellow bowl that's pictured) I need to do something soon with all the cut pictures I have saved. I'm thinking of using your paper cut journal idea....just have to get a journal. :)

  3. I love the picture and the challenge. I will look at the links. Thanks for the things you do on this site Blessings!

  4. Love this!! I took an online workshop this summer and one of our activities was to put together a summer mood board. I started pulling images the other day to put together an autumn one, but haven't completed that project yet!

  5. Thank you girls for all your comments! I love magazine, so I always have a nice collection to create paper cut journal spreads. Glad you enjoy them!