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Thursday, September 25

This Week In My Kitchen

Hello girlfriends! 
I am joining Heather, over at Beauty That Moves for This Week In My Kitchen blog hop! Stop by, it is a nice way to be inspired in your kitchen!

(Here are my previous entries in this blog hop)

The highlight of this week was:

No-Bake Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cheerio Bars

1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup crunchy almond butter
3 cups Cheerios
1/4 cup shaved dark chocolate
1/4 tsp. coconut oil

Grease an 8 x 8 inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray
Heat medium saucepan over low heat and add in honey and almond butter
Stir frequently until creamy and warm.
Stir in Cheerios. transfer to pan and press to sides evenly with rubber spatula. Then press down firmly with your hands. 

To make chocolate drizzle, place shaved dark chocolate in small pan after adding the coconut oil
Stir til melted, drizzle over the bars. Place pan in freezer for 15 minutes to cool down and harden chocolate. 
Remove, cut into squares. Keep in frig to help keep bars more in tact.


  1. I'm always looking for recipes that use coconut oil instead of butter and honey for sugar so thanks for sharing this recipe. I wouldn't want to substitute the chocolate though, so this looks great!

  2. Me too Debby! I am always on the look-out to make things better for us!

  3. How interesting those look with Cheerios. I too am one that loves using coconut oil.
    I have a friend that will drizzle chocolate syrup over Cheerios as a dessert.
    Have a beautiful week end.
    Sweet blessings to you, Debbie

  4. Oooh! These look SO scrummy, Peggy. It just so happens that I already have all the ingredients to be able to make this delicious yet nutritious treat, though I'll have to "borrow" the Cheerios from our pet birds (they adore them - I think they like the crunch!) - they will make a very welcome change to the usual sweet snacks in my family's lunch boxes, so thank you very much for sharing! I am off to make some right now, though I am not sure we will make it through till Monday with any left over for the pack-ups! Love Ruby in England xxx