Tuesday, June 3

Your Invited-Simple Summer Bingo! Let's Play!

It has been quite awhile since I shared a bingo game with you ladies. Actually I've never done a game on a blog, it was always played on my yahoo groups (remember those groups...back in the day before we heard of blogs). I was planning on going forward with it here on the blog, BUT I think it will be so more fun and far easier to update if it had it's separate group.

So if you would like to lighten your busy, summer days, have some fun with other ladies and play for a nice gift-away package, then this is your invitation.

Group is now ready and I will hold the doors open until, Friday, June 13th. After the 13th the group will close to new players and we will get started on Monday, June 16th!

Join us here


  1. I'm sort of interested but don't understand what is involved. Is there anywhere I can find more detail please?

  2. This looks like great fun. I may join in if I am able.

  3. Is it only open to facebookers?

  4. Eileen, this game is close to the regular game that folks play, only online :-)
    Deb, yes, only on the fb group. It willl be so much easier for me to post the picks for the week and for those playing to check in. Also, I do not want to clog up my blog with those tiny posts. I hope you can still play.
    LeAnn...see you there!