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Thursday, June 26

Four Seasons :: Summer Challenge {Day 5 of 30} & This Week In My Kitchen

Visit other ladies taking the Summer Challenge here!

:: summery broccoli slaw ::

Along with my daily photo (above) for the summer challenge, I am adding a continuing theme of photos in order to take part in Heather's blog hop over at Beauty That Moves!

 :: beginning the process of creating my own whole-grain pancake mix ::

 ::  i like Bob's Red Mill goodness ::

:: turning the mix into the good stuff - enjoying it with a new tablecloth and placemats makes it all the more special ::

 :: my lunch most days ::

:: yep, a Master Food Preserver can still learn :-) ::

 ::  trying Heather's Caramel Dipping Sauce with sliced apples...how could it not be good with raw cashews ::

 :: a weekly addition to the menu ::

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Also, you do not want to miss Summer Soul Camp..more good stuff from Heather! I've been gifted this, being able to take part by one of my very dearest friends. xo


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely and cosy. Oh how lucky what a great gift. I hope you really enjoy it. I'm busy moving at the time so can't join in but hopefully there'll be something later in the year that I can.

  2. Your lunch looks tasty :) I love reading preserving/canning books as well!

  3. Preserving is one of my favourite kitchen activity!! I'm thinking about joining the summer camp... I followed Hybernate and it was simply wonderful... and I'm thinking about joining your summer challenge, too!!!

  4. This (as usual) all looks wonderful...and I agree with others that your kitchen looks very homey. I only just started canning jams, but I think I'm hooked and will do as much as my work schedule allows!

  5. LOVE that crockery mixing bowl you were making your whole grain pancake mix in! ALL of your food pictures today were beautiful! LOVE your salad most days...and your new weekly addition to the menu! :)