Thursday, May 22

To My Readers~

Good morning friends! Seems it has been awhile since I stopped in the "create post" area of my blog. Usually at this time of the week, I am posting "this week in my kitchen" and joining the blog hop. But, I've decided until I have the blog re-make complete, I will hang back until next round.

This is the main reason I wanted to drop you this note...for the next few days, the blog will be under-construction. I may take it off-line completely, long enough to make the changes all in one sitting you may stop by and see a message that you can not access it. Either way it will not take too long and it is nothing major, but change none-the-less.

I have finally found the blog template that will work nicely with all that I want to do here. I am really excited!

 In the meantime, take note, if you are a book club-er, four seasons : 30 day-er or daybook-er,  over the next month or so all things simple woman will be coming at The Simple Woman Blog! 

For my long-time readers, I am thinking of playing a bingo round here and that means fun and a treat for the winner! More on that as well as a "follow me here gift package" for all my dedicated daybooking friends who change their bookmarks.

So, see you all back here on Tuesday morning after the holiday!

{what do you think of this color? I thought I would start out with dusky cherry for the beginning of Spring.)


  1. Thank you, Peggy, for leaving this note for your readers. I appreciate knowing what is going on. I'd have been writing you if I'd come up with the note that the blog was off line! :) For sure and for certain! ;)

    Will look forward to seeing the changes Tuesday morning! And I like dusky cherry!

  2. Thank you for letting us know!! And I love the color! :)

  3. Thanks for letting us know! Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy the holiday.

  5. The color is lovely! And thank you for the heads up!

  6. Oh I love your polished red toenails. I will look forward to your new layout. I always love dropping by and doing a dayook entry.
    Blessings for all you do!

  7. Yes, thanks for the info. And, I do like the color on your toes. Your feet look all sassy for summer! Happy weekend!

  8. Thank you ladies for your comments! So glad you are reading my little notes :-)