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Thursday, May 29

This Week In My Kitchen

Hello girlfriends! 
I am joining Heather, over at Beauty That Moves for This Week In My Kitchen blog hop! Stop by, it is a nice way to be inspired in your kitchen!

:: blackberry scones in the making ::

:: with blackberry glaze ::

:: i usually have a cup of tea with scones, but just found a coffee I like. Starbucks Spring Blend is so good, but I had to tweak it by using half the coffee and double the water it called for. Now, I have it just right and it was perfect with my scones ::

:: a nice treat to share with a friend ::

:: i finally have a nice place to display my black skillets, i love having them out where i can see them ::


  1. MMM I love scones AND coffee!

  2. great pictures and I so love your black skillets :)

    Here is my kitchen http://www.tollerado.blogspot.de/2014/05/this-week-in-my-kitchen-blog-hop_29.html

  3. Great use of blackberries which will be getting ripe here in Missouri by the end of June!
    I use my cast iron skillets. In fact, that is all I use. I love them!

  4. I love your space Peggy ! This is the kind of sharing I truly enjoy ! Those scones and coffee look divine !

  5. I can't use my skillet on my present cooktop..so I'll Save them for the next one. I like scones, but have only attempted them once. Do you have a good recipe??