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Thursday, May 15

This Week In My Kitchen

Hello girlfriends! 
I am joining Heather over at Beauty That Moves for This Week In My Kitchen blog hop!

:: reading pouring over good books ::

THIS one in particular...Have you read any good books lately and care to share with us!

:: loving this new recipe and it is a keeper ::

 :: playing with dough ::

 :: olive oil and pizza crust...a match made in foodie heaven ::

 :: finding my way around garlic and enjoying the path ::

:: gave my new Basil kitchen plant a nice haircut ::

 :: had almost forgotten how nice it is to grow your own sprouts ::

 :: like a child with a new toy, is me with the bottle of agave nectar ::

 :: Saturday mornings look so good in blue ::

:: my afternoons most days...quiet, slow and delicious ::


  1. Beautiful food pictures, Peggy! Your pancakes and pizza are making me hungry!

  2. lovely pictures in your kitchen and so much goodness

  3. Looking good.. I love sprouts.. xo

  4. That pizza looks delicious! There's nothing like home made pizza. Wonderful pictures!

  5. Your pizza looks scrumptious. My husband usually makes a batch of pizzas once a week with a special spelt crumb one for me. "Fast fresh and green" sounds good...I love greens...I must look that one up.

  6. Sprouts! I have all the 'materials', I just forgot about them! Thanks for bringing it up! Lovely kitchen pictures, I like your Saturday morning in blue :)

  7. When I was in kindergarten, we grew sprouts as a class project. I was fascinated by it and only just have gotten back into it. They add such a freshness to a dish! On the note of books and cookbooks, I've just finished Julia Child's My Life in France and now I'm pouring over Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Amazing! Learning about Julia Child at her very early stages is awesome and I'm learning so much about how SIMPLE and delicious good cooking can be!

  8. Oh, love that sprouter!

  9. Everything looks so delicious! The pizza, your lunch... I think I need to try sprouts again. it's been too many years. I love your photos.

  10. You have my stomach growling right now! Everything looks delicious!

  11. Everything looks so delicious! Especially the pizza!

  12. I have been wanting to check out the smitted kitchen cookbook, thanks for the recommendation, I am adding it to my library reserve list!

  13. I think we could be friends. Just love what you are doing here!

  14. Quiet, slow, and delicious afternoons ~ sounds refreshing!