Friday, May 30

A Post Script Collective - May 30th

Was it really March 14th since my last P.S. Week-ending post! I looked back and it was right before I started the Four Seasons :: 30 Spring challenge. But, this time I have updated the graphic as well as it's title and I like it much, much better! What do you think, doesn't it say "week-end" to you and the rest that comes along with it?

Another Friday is upon us, so let's get started...

A sweet little find over at The Knotty Needle

   A book trailer that totally sells the book for me and maybe you too

I adore these photos of Mark & Erin's wedding

An artistway beyond her years

and as always a favorite pin


  1. The young woman's art is amazing! Truly beyond her years. I couldn't get your link for The Knotty Needle to work...nor the one for your favorite pin. The book trailer makes the book look so tempting!

  2. I haven't stopped by in a little while. Your blog change is so beautiful!