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Thursday, April 24

Four Seasons :: Day 26 of 30

is nearing it's finish with the last day being April 30th.

The Summer Challenge begins June 20th (one day before the official start of summer).
Mark your calendar and join us! There will be a summery gift-away for those who take part and see the challenge through.

Included in today's, Day 26 of 30 Spring Challenge post, I am joining in with Heather over at Beauty That Moves for her This Week In My Kitchen blog hop!

:: for sure ::

:: new knife love ::

:: putting together goodness that will remain a keeper ::

:: now what to title it...I came up with Black Skillet Cabbage ::

 :: cups and crystals ::

:: color ::


  1. I love the vibrancy of color and beautiful energy here...thank you for sharing a bit of your week!

  2. Your Black Skillet Cabbage looks delicious! What kind of seasoning did you use?

  3. Beautiful photos, Peggy! That cabbage looks so yummy, will you be sharing the recipe?

  4. Love your cabbage meal. Yummy! And your Open 24 hours sign. Great!

  5. As I clean the last dish at a certain point in the day....I think.....OK the kitchen is closed, (for now....)

  6. I love your sign... years ago when my kids were home it sure seemed liked the kitchen was open 24 hours!

  7. I love cabbage cooked in the skillet! Yum!

  8. I love the framed print...that definitely sounds like my kitchen too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love it all! And I too am in love with my vegetable cutting knife. How did you cook the cabbage?

  10. Your love of color is growing on me...I'm finding myself looking for something that gives a pop of color now. It makes for a fun life. :)