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Monday, April 14

Four Seasons :: Day 18 of 30

Spring Challenge

Today was slated for, TSW Book Club Edition for April, but that will wait until tomorrow. If you are interested in knowing more about the book club, you may read here. It will also tell you why the day later than planned.


:: tis the season ::


  1. You have the coolest "pretties". That duck is to die for...seriously...that speaks to my heart as if it were a long lost friend! :) The eggs are beautiful...and love the display piece they are in!

  2. oh how pretty!! i LOVE your eggs!!! did you paint them yourself?? I"m finally caught up on the photo challenge. I'm so sorry I'm only posting a week's worth once a week rather than each day...but...it is such a busy season for me right now..and I'm home on spring break which means overseeing my teen, getting she and I ready for Boston to visit my college gal, cooking meals for my hubby to have while we are gone, and doing much needed spring cleaning! Here is my link to this past week's photos http://goldintheclouds-faith.blogspot.com/2014/04/spring-photo-challenge-days-17-24.html