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Tuesday, February 4

My Paper Cut Journey

Page 3 of 2014's paper cut journal and my thought words turn to being outdoors (no pun intended- hee-hee, see my door) and women who love it as well. While I love and enjoy each and every season, I have not been totally present when I am in my garden, (atleast not to my entire liking) these past few summers. I am there to get the job done and not to meandar as my heart so needs during this current season of life.


: to have a lot of curves instead of going in a straight or direct line : to follow a winding course
: to walk slowly without a specific goal, purpose, or direction
: to go from one topic to another without any clear direction

So my fresh intention of being present this upcoming spring season is showing up in my paper cut pages this week. One of the ways I am finding inspiration is to look to women who lavish love on their gardens. Most of you will recognize Tasha Tudor and we know how very much she loved her outside world.
I, also enjoy the website of Margaret Roach, (picture on bottom right). She has a few short videos and book trailers on her site that I find enjoyable. I like the fact that she decided to "leave my city fast-lane life and move to my rural garden fulltime."

I am sure you will be seeing more paper cuts with this theme in the next several weeks.