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Wednesday, August 14

Morning :: Afternoon :: Evening





  1. What an inspiring post, Peggy! Three little words...three wonderful pictures...and you've said SO much!

  2. I like your morning, afternoon, evening postings. What a lovely way to share just a delicious peek into your days!

  3. So lovely...a good day, I think? That top photo just makes me want to gasp with its beautiful light.


  4. I have searched for this picture because it has stuck with me since I saw it back in August (it is now November). The flat stones/rocks are beautifully displayed in what I take to be an authentic dough bowl. My question is where did you find the dough bowl? I've been in search of one ever since. I found a cute little black one at the Dollar Store that came with some really small stones, and candles. I removed the candles and just have the stones there. I have some larger stones that my husband picked up for me along the beach when we spent a week on the Maine coast a few years ago. I would love to display them as you have done in this picture, but they are too large for the little black bowl I currently have.

    1. Dianna....for these types of bowls, I would look at your country and primitive type speciality shops. This is where I bought this one. It is a repo of an original one, but I love it.
      Sorry late getting back to you, but a few days before Thanksgiving I took sick :-( it was *almost* the Thanksgiving that wasn't, but things turned around and with the help of my girls was a beautiful one! Hope your holiday was a joy-filled one as well! xo